Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Kanye apologizes on the Jay Leno Show

As I stated in the post yesterday you could tell he has been going thru an emotional time since the transition of his Mother. In this interview he admits it humbly and says he needs to take a moment and reflect on life. God is always the best of planners and we never how or why things happen. I'm sure he was bombarded with calls, emails, and everything else from his peers, elders, and fans regarding the incident. However I pray this helps him grow stronger and wiser because we need these Brothers to be on point in this day and age...


Monday, September 14, 2009

Kanye West clowns once again at MTV awards

Blessings family...
I am sincerely tired of the over proud ways of the "Priviledged" artists in the entertainment industry such as Kanye West. First of all I am not the one to judge, for that is not my job but when it comes to respect, something must be said! Last night while at band rehearsal, i did my normal twitter, facebook, and text check only to see all of them were full of messages regarding Kanye clowning Taylor Swift on the MTV awards. So immediately we searched the internet only to find the video footage already posted on www.mtv.com with over 50k views in less then 30 minutes. All I could say is WOW, then this dude is wild! That was pure disrespect on every level! I don't care if it was a purple artist from the countrybophoprock genre...that was wack! First thing I said was what would Jill Scott or another sister have done if a white artist from a different genre did that? I believe it would have been a scuffle on stage immediately! I commend Beyonce on allowing Taylor the opportunity to finish her acceptance speech. Last night Kanye posted an apology on his blog but it was clearly an attempt to save face where he said “I’m sooooo sorry to Taylor Swift and her fans and her mom [Andrea]. I spoke to her mother right after and she said the same thing my mother would’ve said. She is very talented! I like the lyrics about being a cheerleader and she’s in the bleachers! …………………… I’m in the wrong for going on stage and taking away from her moment!…………….. Beyonce’s video was the best of this decade!!! I’m sorry to my fans if I let you guys down!!!!! I’m sorry to my friends at MTV. I will apologize to Taylor 2mrw. Welcome to the real world!!!! Everybody wanna booooo me but I’m a fan of real pop culture!!! No disrespect but we watchin’ the show at the cribe right now cause…. Well you know!!!! I’m still happy for Taylor!!!! Boooyaawww!!!! You are very talented!!!!! I gave my awards to Outkast when they deserved it over me… That’s what it is!!!! I’m not crazy yall, I’m just real. Sorry for that!!! I really feel bad for Taylor and I’m sincerely sorry!!! Much Respect!!!!!”
(as of Monday a.m. this post was removed from his blog, but media grabbed it beforeNow the reality is that "we" the consumer puff these artist chests up to thinking they can't be deflated. Our short-term memory allows these artist to disrespect our children with their lyrics and behavior, but once they do something we consider "conscious" we allow them back into our world. I am not saying we should kick them to the curb and not give them our support if we actually like their art. However in the same token I believe our community must be outspoken, truthful, and realistic with what these men, women, and youth artists offer back positively back to our society or the lack thereof. We are all aware of the controllers of the media industries and capitalization of the art forms which come from indigenous peoples, but there are an elite sector of artist which are allowed the "Pass", Kanye being one. He is a very talented brother and we cannot front on that, but his peers as well as elders in the game need to sit him down and build. Since the transition of his mother (may the creator be please with her) it's been obvious that his emotional state has been affected and that is more than understandable. To me this is much bigger than color... To me this is about being humble, thankful, and respectful for those that came before us and those who will follow. I'm sure many people thought that was "Gangsta" but your a clown also if you think so! Today I have been searching random blogs and sites to see what people are saying and nearly all of his fans disagree but the white fan are DONE...google it and see for yourself. Who did he think bought the "808's and Heartbreaks" album...it was banging in the hood at ALL! LOL!
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