Friday, January 02, 2009

Re: S.O.S. RADIO LIVE! Top 10 Videos of 2008

Peace and Power Fam!
God willing everyone has now began their new years resolutions! Haaaaaaa! Well to start off I've been working on being more pro-active with content. The first installation of the year is S.O.S. RADIO LIVE's Top 10 Videos of 2008. Check it out and vibe...I know there are people that I didn't add that are my friends but it's not personal and your videos will be add into S.O.S. RADIO LIVE future segments, trust me!
Please leave a comment...In Sound, The 1 like Z to the I to the N

p.s. If you watch in the S.O.S. RADIO LIVE Player above you can view all segments!