Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Blessup! Today was a pretty music filled episode of S.O.S. RADIO. After doing pledge drives I strive to make up for it the following week by giving you more music. Thank you to everyone who made a pledge last week. I cannot express the importance of the S.O.S. family's support enough. I through some new Large Professor and Paris in there. So much new music and not enough time! If anybody has suggestions on making S.O.S. an everyday motion...i'm open! I pray that you all enjoy my shows and tell someone new every week to tune in. I do it for the love of the people and music, I'm what you would call a musical fiend! Enjoy! Blessup!
The 1 like Z to the I N

NAS - Sly Fox , and are you a NIGGA?

Peace Family,
Once again a classic album has been created and slept on! Nas just dropped his "Untitled" album which was supposed to be name the "Nigga" album. Now some people are truly vexed by the title and many fans have issues with him doing this project. We have tried to bury the "N" word and have even written doctrines around banishing it from the English language, but we have yet to banish the conditions that created it. With all the real issues in the world poverty, crime, racism, classism, and all the other isms that plague our society, come on! Yes it can and has been used as a crutch with a million and one justifications as to why it is used. On this album Nas covered alot of them with artistic flare. Yes there is vulgarity, profanity, and truth in dealing with honest perspectives of where we are as a human race. You got white, mexican, asian, and of course black youth all calling themselves "Niggas". The ironic thing about it is that so many people do act "Niggardly" but if you ask me it's one of the repercussions of living in America...home of the slaves!
Please lighten up a bit and refocus your energy and time on finding a cause to live for! Check out the project and if you dig it cool, if not keep it moving! I am a child of Hip-Hop culture and Thankful to be alive to see the paradigm shift coming back to reality in sound and artistry. Just be patient and watch how the tide is continuing to turn toward conciousness! Trust me on this one! Anyway check this "Sly Fox" video and go to the Nas myspace to preview some of the songs from his latest album "Untitled". Hands down Nas is one of the top Hip-Hop lyricist of all time...yeah I said it! Blessings thru and in Sound! The 1 Like Z to the I N

NAS Myspace ->

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Bernie Mac Remembered

Bernie Mac - 10-5-1957 to 8-9-2008

The comic, the actor , and one of the true Kings of Comedy; has made his transition but before doing so he made us laugh until we cried. Now crying for the loss of a young gifted African man who didn't give a damn about what you thought about him. He dealt with the issues of race, family, work , and even sex. Leaving a body of work to be studied and admired for artists of all disciplines. Many people say God takes the good young. I truly believe God makes no mistakes and we must pay attention to the signs. We've lost two greats in one week! Life is not to be taken for granted and once again I ask you "What and how will I be remembered"? They say that a person doesn't die until the last person utters their name. With the commentary and comic relief Bernie Mac left, we will be able to laugh and reflect on life from the angle of Comedic Sage for a long time... Therefore I've upload a clip from his standup at Kings of Comedy "My sisters kids". Please enjoy, love, and live your life to the fullest! YOU KNOW HIS IS CUSSING....SO PARENTS BEWARE!
Blessings, light, and laughter!
The 1 like Z to the I to the N

Isaac Hayes - Soulville

Isaac Hayes 8-20-1942 to 8-10-2008

To remember one of the greatest artists, composers, and lyricists... Words cannot explain the void that Isaac Hayes filled in the music industry. Dealing with love, poverty, and revolution he did it with the style grace and pure soul. As we all know energy is never destroyed just transformed. With that being said we must lift the ancestor energy of Isaac Hayes up! I pray that we review his highlight reels and ask what can we do to put an impact on generations to come? I uploaded the video for Soulville because it is such a heart felt record with imagery that everyone can relate to. I challenge you music lovers, artists, and revolutionaries to stop and ask yourself "What and how will I be remembered"?
Blessings, light, and Sound!
The 1 like Z to the I to the N

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Big Boi & UNN Present - The Big Picture Webisode One

Big Boi was in Houston over the weekend for the Ozone Music Conference and Awards. Give thanks for the regeneration of artistic imagination and positive voice! Go Vote! For somebody damn!

Kanye West - Champion - Video

This is a really dope video...enjoy! Parental Discretion Advisory...

Monday, August 04, 2008

New Break Recordz Sound Post!

Go over there and get yourself laced up with some new music!

New Big Boi ft. Mary J. Blige Video!

This is a hot joint...check the video out!

Tired of the fake Roger Troutman voice MC!

How many people are gonna use the fake Roger Troutman via Lil Wayne voice affect. The game is getting a bit out of hand with the effects! I'm not a Hip-Hop Hater, but Damn these Rap monsters are getting away with murder! If your a rapper using this effect, please pay homage to the father of it! Can I get a witness?